Tamara G. (your copy consoultant)     

Copywriter and SEO Content Consultant—with a dash of Woo


I help heart-centered entrepreneurs  create offerings that reflect their value with integrity and forge deeper relationships with their idea clients . 


Does Your Website, Content, or Life

Need a Facelift?

They Did!


Dr. Cristi Lopez
Psychologist and High Performance Coach

Amazing Work Ethic (that can’t be taught) Multi-talented and skilled. Willing to do the work necessary. Able to learn quickly. Tamara will work with you to get what you NEED done. Don’t get me wrong, she will do what you want, but her expertise allows her to recommend what you need to better achieve the results for which you aspire. Tamara has an array of talents and skills and is self-motivated to work smart and, if need be, hard. She goes the extra mile to seek out and learn possible solutions to any obstical. 


Meg Sweeten
The Soul Cabin

Tamara G. is the intuitive you go to when you are a skeptic. Once you experience a reading with her, you will instantly feel, from head to toe, the genuine wisdom she is able to channel.  It's undeniable.  I am grateful for her gifts and ability to see things in a unique way.  She also gives practical steps for what to do with the wisdom you receive which is important to me.  I deeply recommend investing in a reading with Tamara G., your soul will thank you.

dr bc.jpeg

Dr. Brian Curtice
Paleontologist/ Owner @ Fossil Crates and Paleo Portal

Tamara has been amazing to work with!  She jumped into the project with massive enthusiasm which never waned.  Not only was her copy spot-on but she was able to take over the building of the backend (Kajabi).  Within minutes I knew she had forgotten way more about Kajabi than I ever knew to begin with.  I can think of no higher praise than to say that I’ve referred her to my closest friends, I believe she is that good and can make a positive impact on any project.


Elsie Ezili, Herbal Alchemist/Owner Gold Water Alchemy

Tamara's readings are nothing short of accurate and extremely informed. From the first reading,it was clear that she has a strong spiritual gift. . . She has helped me break through. . .One of the very few I trust to read for me... she really knows how to tune in. I highly recommend her work and services to anybody needing to make major breakthroughs and gain unquestionable clarity. 

'The only way to get better is to get older. . . Unless you're a banana.'
Betty White's Mom

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