Meet Tamara G.

Copywriter, Storyteller, Photographer, Mom, Soul Consultant


My clients are passionate about making the world a better, sustainable, "more funner" place.

Are you a Healer, Life Coach, Creative,

Sustainable eCommerce Startup, or Cannabis Connoisseur?

Or, just really care about the planet?

I help people like you find their voice.

I writes the words; You makes the monies.


Are you trying to unravel the secrets to those SEOs, UXs and ROI boosters you keep hearing about?


I got you.  

You are gonna create Content so good they're gonna wonder why it's free!


We're going to elevate your User eXperience using Web Copy and Sales Copy that convert.

The kind that illuminates your brand's solutions and promotes a 

10x Return On Investments. 

We are going to create Search Engine Optimized content that supports your brand and proves you're an expert in your niche,

. . . the kind of content Google likes to show off and drive traffic too. 


Does Your Website, Content, or Life

Need a Facelift?

They Did!

Banana Pattern

Dr. Cristi Lopez
Psychologist and High Performance Coach

Amazing Work Ethic (that can’t be taught) Multi-talented and skilled. Willing to do the work necessary. Able to learn quickly. Tamara will work with you to get what you NEED done. Don’t get me wrong, she will do what you want, but her expertise allows her to recommend what you need to better achieve the results for which you aspire. Tamara has an array of talents and skills and is self-motivated to work smart and, if need be, hard. She goes the extra mile to seek out and learn possible solutions to any obstical. 


Meg Sweeten
The Soul Cabin

Tamara is a wonderful copywriting resource because she is passionate about making you look good through words.  She does it in a way that is genuine and effective.  I was grateful for her knowledge to provide the right tone for my website and highly recommend her services.

dr bc.jpeg

Dr. Brian Curtice
Paleontologist/ Owner @ Fossil Crates and Paleo Portal

Tamara has been amazing to work with!  She jumped into the project with massive enthusiasm which never waned.  Not only was her copy spot-on but she was able to take over the building of the backend (Kajabi).  Within minutes I knew she had forgotten way more about Kajabi than I ever knew to begin with.  I can think of no higher praise than to say that I’ve referred her to my closest friends, I believe she is that good and can make a positive impact on any project.


Sara G.
Confidence and
Business Coach

If anyone is looking for a fabulous, well-versed writer for Web Copy SEO articles, content, or blogs, this is your woman. Gabby does amazing work and is diligent in her way of “getting you”. She goes the extra mile and takes pride in her writing. This is your go-to… She is mine, and I am very particular as a businesswoman. You know when you get a good person, you don’t let them go. She is one of the best, and I would be lost without her!

'The only way to get better is to get older. . . Unless you're a banana.'
Betty White's Mom