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Tamara G. is “The Copy Consoultant.” She is a copywriter, SEO content writer, messaging strategist, training Holistic and Neuroplasticity Life Coach, and clairvoyant. She works with 6-figure visionary entrepreneurs struggling with an "Upper Limit Problem" so they can break through and continue to scale.


She guides you through lasting transformations and teaches you how to turn your mess into your messaging. In as little as 2-hours, you will be able to create more impact in your work, learn what it takes to forge more meaningful relationships, and scale in your business and life. 


Tamara has been featured in Women’s Day, the Dr. John La Puma website, and has also been a guest on multiple podcasts approaching topics such as freelancing, women's entrepreneurship, spiritual awakenings, nature, addiction, and positive messaging, including building strong narratives around growing a heart-centered business. As a vocal ally of the LGBTQA+ community, Tamara feels strongly about equality, pro-choice and human rights. 

Tamara is an Army veteran who spent a decade serving as a photojournalist for the Army National Guard. She escaped NYC in 2016 and now lives in the jungle of Costa Rica.

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