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Why Won't They Listen?

(I was tasked to write in 100 words or less what I thought when I saw this image of the snow man. Suggested time to write, 5 minutes; it took me 8. This is what I came up with in 8 minutes, hyperlinks and all. If anyone wants to respond with the same task, I would love to read everyone's tweet-worthy thoughts on this photo.)

As glaciers puddle and fires blaze, climate deniers are getting richer. There isn’t enough science to keep the greedy from finding copious amounts of excuses to drill, frack and beat down protesters.

However, with Amazon’s Bezos stepping up, we might be able to progress toward warming up their cold hearts instead of the planet. Some may argue against Bezos’ efforts because of the tax scandal but if you could choose where your “tax” money goes, wouldn’t you?

So, why won’t they listen you ask? Listening isn’t lucrative. Click here for ways you can help Pachamama.

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