Lilly's Lamps Short Story Experience

Lilly's Lamps is a dystopian short story experience forged by my design and copywriting creative processes and carnal knowledge of creative writing. 

This is a work in progress. The idea is to take Lilly's Lamps and create a landing and sales page for each city they are selling their product, creating a shortstory marketing experience.


The Soul Cabin

The Soul Cabin is for modern, everyday women, like you, looking for a sacred space to rekindle + maintain a connection to your wisest self, through all the seasons of your life.

Circle with us to reconnect with ancient practices and discover heartfelt solutions to experience more joy, ease, and grace in your day-to-day.

(I worked on the copy and design. I also did Copy and content consultation for developing the eCommerce sections)

Paleo Portal Sales Page

This sales page was designed with children and parents in mind. It is simple in design and worded to be fun and engaging for children. I worked directly with the Paleontologist to develop the personas and create a story that would bring in more traffic to the portal. 

I designed the page in Kajabi and wrote the copy.

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