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Soul Consulting and Tarot Readings

You can choose a one time reading, which runs about an hour/hour and a half.

Payment is on a sliding scale. . .

 Sign up here. . . 

Wanna go Deeper? Join me and experience your Soul Cousultation. This is where we work through genetic reprogramming. 

Price is Based on Your Needs

(minimum 3 sessions)

We work through your life experience, ancestral DNA, subconscious programming, and energy blocks.


We embrace, unfold, and mend all your souls needs and more.

When you make the decision to get in touch with yourself and choose your Soul 


The 1st Consultation is FREE.


This is where we establish if you are ready to do the work necessary and follow through. 


"Always Check what you are being influenced by, and don't  get so caught up on someone else's journey."


Jocelyn Wolffe

Plantas for the People


Tamara's readings are nothing short of accurate and extremely informed. From the first reading,it was clear that she has a strong spiritual gift. . . She has helped me break through. . .One of the very few I trust to read for me... she really knows how to tune in. I highly recommend her work and services to anybody needing to make major breakthroughs and gain unquestionable clarity. 

Elsie Ezili, Herbal Alchemist/Owner Gold Water Alchemy

Tamara G. is the intuitive you go to when you are a skeptic.  Once you experience a reading with her, you will instantly feel, from head to toe, the genuine wisdom she is able to channel.  It's undeniable.  I am grateful for her gifts and ability to see things in a unique way.  She also gives practical steps for what to do with the wisdom you receive which is important to me.  I deeply recommend investing in a reading with Tamara G., your soul will thank you.

Meg Sweeten, Founder of The Soul Cabin


Tamara is so dedicated to what she does and makes your readings very easy to understand. She has helped me so much over the past few months with the blockages that I have been facing. She explains everything in such detail and gives the best advice. I highly recommend her to anyone. She checks in with me from time to time, which I truly appreciate since she is the only person that has ever done that from any of the readings I have ever received. Thank you so much for the great service you provide. 

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